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An eclectic mix of vintage home furnishings & fashion, handmade items, ephemera & stationery, toys & candy, oddities & other quirky stuff!  Charming gifts, antique treasures, delightful surprises.

Technology is amazing, certainly, but don't forget the importance of the senses: the sound of shoes on an oak hardwood floor; the sometimes musty, mostly soothing scent of an old camp blanket, dried rose, a faded book;  the texture of a floral dress worn long ago to the party, torn just a bit at the hem from some misplaced heel.  Thank you for enjoying the photos, but for gosh sakes, try to come in for a visit and experience first-hand the pleasure of old things!

Mommalicious, Inc. (est. 2005) is located in charming Downtown Lancaster, PA at 310 North Queen Street.